Choose a girl dog name from Marvel and DC's iconic female heroes. Whether your pup is brave, mischievous, or loyal, find a name that celebrates her spirit.

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Best Girl Dog Names Inspired by Marvel and DC

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Fans of Marvel and DC comics want to name their new pet after one of their favorite female characters? Look no further! We've chosen names that honor these famous characters and reflect our dogs' characteristics.

If your dog is brave like Wonder Woman or adventurous like Captain Marvel, there's a name on this list for him.

Strength and Bravery

Diana (DC, Wonder Woman): A name for dogs that embody strength, grace, and compassion, making it perfect for a noble and brave dog who's always ready to protect her family.

Carol (Marvel, Captain Marvel): Ideal for a strong, adventurous dog with a fearless spirit, Carol is a name that screams leadership and courage.

Barbara (DC, Batgirl): This name suits a dog with a brave heart and a knack for solving problems, embodying the spirit of a true heroine.

Gamora (Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy): Perfect for a tough, loyal dog with a fierce heart, embodying the spirit of a warrior ready to protect those she loves.

Helena (DC, Huntress): Suits a dog with a fierce spirit and an innate sense of justice, reminiscent of the vigilante's determination and courage.

Rogue (Marvel, X-Men): Perfect for a dog with a strong personality and a touch of independence, reflecting the character's resilience and formidable power.

Agility and Intelligence

Natasha (Marvel, Black Widow): For a dog with agility, intelligence, and a mysterious charm, Natasha is a name that signifies stealth and strength.

Selina (DC, Catwoman): Perfect for a sleek, agile dog with a curious nature and an adventurous heart, reminiscent of the iconic cat burglar.

Kamala (Marvel, Ms. Marvel): A name for a dog with a big heart and an adventurous spirit, symbolizing resilience and versatility.

Elektra (Marvel): Ideal for a sleek, agile dog with a mysterious aura, perfect for a pet that moves with precision and grace.

Cassandra (DC, Cassandra Cain): For a dog with incredible agility and intelligence, echoing the silent but deadly skills of one of the Batgirls.

Silk (Marvel, Cindy Moon): Suits a quick, intelligent dog with an agile nature, perfect for a pet with a keen sense of awareness and reflexes.

Lorna (Marvel, Polaris): Ideal for a dog with a magnetic personality, reflecting the character's power and determination.

Mischief and Playfulness

Harley (DC, Harley Quinn): Suits a playful, spirited dog with lots of energy and a bit of a mischievous side, just like the eccentric Harley Quinn.

Wanda (Marvel, Scarlet Witch): Ideal for a dog with a strong personality and possibly a knack for getting into mischief, Wanda is a name that resonates with power and complexity.

Gwen (Marvel, Spider-Gwen): Perfect for an energetic, agile dog with a spirited nature, embodying the essence of youth and vibrancy.

Zatanna (DC): A name for a dog with a playful side and perhaps a penchant for the unexpected, mirroring the magician's flair and mystique.

Ivy (DC, Poison Ivy): For a dog with a captivating beauty and a strong, independent spirit, embodying the character's enchanting and slightly mischievous nature.

Loyalty and Protection

Kara (DC, Supergirl): This name is ideal for a loyal, strong dog with a protective instinct, representing the values of family and justice.

Jean (Marvel, Jean Grey): For a dog with a strong presence and possibly a protective nature, Jean is a name that suggests deep emotional bonds and psychic abilities.

Jessica (Marvel, Jessica Jones): Suits a tough, resilient dog with a protective instinct, perfect for a canine that never gives up.

Monica (Marvel, Monica Rambeau): Represents a dog with dynamic personality and leadership qualities, echoing the resilience and strength of the character.

Raven (DC): Ideal for a dog with a mysterious aura and a deep bond with her family, mirroring the empathic and protective qualities of the character.

Dinah (DC, Black Canary): Suits a dog with a strong presence and a protective nature, echoing the character's powerful and vigilant spirit.

Hope (Marvel, Hope Summers): Perfect for a dog who brings light and optimism into your life, embodying the character's resilience and hopefulness.

Intelligence and Innovation

Shuri (Marvel, Black Panther): For a smart, innovative dog with a playful side, Shuri is a name that embodies technology and progress.

Felicity (DC, Felicity Smoak): This name suits a smart, tech-savvy dog with a loyal heart, inspired by the genius hacker from the DC universe.

Peggy (Marvel, Agent Carter): For a dog with a brave heart, intelligence, and a strong sense of justice, Peggy is a name that stands for determination and integrity.

Lois (DC, Lois Lane): Perfect for a curious and adventurous dog with a strong character, inspired by the fearless and investigative nature of the iconic journalist.

Pepper (Marvel, Pepper Potts): Suits a smart, dependable dog who's always ready to help, reflecting the character's resourcefulness and loyalty.

May (Marvel, Aunt May): Perfect for a nurturing, caring dog with a strong sense of family, reflecting the character's wisdom and supportive nature.

Talia (DC, Talia al Ghul): For a dog with a noble spirit and a complex personality, inspired by the character's intelligence and leadership skills.

Unique and Enchanting

Mera (DC, Aquaman): Perfect for a dog who loves water and has a strong, commanding presence, Mera is a name that evokes the majesty of the seas.

Storm (Marvel, X-Men): Ideal for a dog with a commanding presence and a calm demeanor, Storm is a name that signifies power and serenity.

Sersi (Marvel, The Eternals): For a dog with an enchanting personality and timeless charm, Sersi embodies the spirit of mystery and magic.

Koriand'r (DC, Starfire): Ideal for a dog with an energetic, warm-hearted nature, representing the alien princess's kindness and power.

Mystique (Marvel, X-Men): For a dog with a changeable nature and a strong personality, embodying the shapeshifter's complexity and adaptability.

Nebula (Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy): For a dog with a tough exterior but loyal to those she loves, inspired by the space warrior's complex journey and fierce loyalty.

Amora (Marvel, The Enchantress): For a dog with a captivating charm and a strong personality, echoing the sorceress's enchanting allure.

Sue (Marvel, Invisible Woman): Ideal for a dog with a protective nature and perhaps a quiet, unassuming strength, reflecting the hero's invisible yet impactful presence.

Emma (Marvel, Emma Frost): Perfect for a dog with a strong will and an elegant demeanor, mirroring the character's formidable psychic abilities and sophistication.

The name you give your dog might reflect your personality and interests. Each name on this list has a narrative and features that can match your dog's unique traits, whether you're inspired by Wonder Woman's courage, Shuri's intelligence, or Harley Quinn's fun.

Marvel and DC might inspire a name as unique as your new pet.

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