Find the best Poodle groomers in LA with our guide. Learn why grooming is crucial for Poodles and tips for choosing the right grooming service.


Best Poodle Groomers in LA

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Are you looking for the best Poodle Groomers in LA?

In this blog we will discuss:

  • Why is regular grooming so important for your Poodle?
  • Tips for choosing the best groomers for Poodle.
  • Poodle Groomers in LA.

✅ Why is grooming so Important for Poodles?

You will have to shave off the hair at the roots if you do not brush and comb a full-coated Poodle completely to the skin.

Poodles have a naturally curly, thick coat that can look and feel like lamb’s wool. It requires lots of grooming and coats should be brushed every day to avoid tangles, knots and matting. It is important to maintain a healthy coat with regular hair care and constant attention.

Poodle is a non-shedding breed. As curls continue to grow, however, poodles require regular grooming and maintenance most importantly not to make the hair tangle.

Poodle puppy’s hair grow softly up to 4 or 5 months of age, but the color is slightly different from the color of an adult dog. New hair grows over.

There are people who say that it is better to let puppy hair on itself, while there are opinions that it is better to cut little by little of puppy hair, but there is no right answer.

✅ Tips for choosing the best Poodle Groomer

Some premium services can have not only grooming but also professional bathing, flea treatment, nail care and even spa facilities.

# 1 Look for groomers who have many brushes

Types of brushes

There are a variety of products for grooming, such as a straight comb, a brush, and even a comb for eyebrows. Groomers will choose the appropriate tool according to your dog’s developmental status and hairstyle. Using a dog-specific essence also helps with hair care.

Eyedrop staining

It is not uncommon for Poodles to have weepy eyes, which can stain the hair that surrounds the eye. Groomers will choose a comb to brush out the stains. Or you can prevent stains by gently wiping the face down with a warm water and alcohol-free pet wipe on a daily basis.

Ear hair

Your groomer would need to ensure your poodle's ears are clean by checking for dirt, redness, or a foul smell that may indicate an infection. Drop-down ears are prone to ear infections because their ear canals stay dark and moist. The ear canal of the poodle also grows hair. It is sometimes necessary to pluck this hair.

# 2 Look for groomers who provide bathing


One of the basics of hair care is to dry it completely after bathing. If it becomes wet from the remaining water, it may cause eczema or skin disease. If there is no tangled hair, there is less need to worry about skin diseases. When your dog is taken good care of the hair, your dog can be free from eczema, tangles, and even ear infections.

After bathing and drying, the groomer would comb your dog in the opposite direction of its hair. Combing in such a way helps air enter each and every one of the hair.

# 3 Look for other pawrent’s review

Poodles are such a breed that needs regular grooming. Good reviews from Poodle Pawrents will help you to choose the best Poodle groomer.

Also, look for the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC), or International Pet Groomers Inc (IPGI) certification—even though it’s unnecessary, it can add credibility to your groomer’s business.

Get your Poodle the best grooming in LA!

✅ Best Poodle Groomers in LA

# 1 Dogue Spa

It's impossible to express enough how the team at Dogue brings magic to the table. The grooming would result in a heavenly poodle.

# 2 Henley Style Pet Grooming and Spa

With over 20 years of experience in Beverly Hills, well known groomer Henley strives to give your pup the best Spa Day ever. First time customers get free Spa Treatment with grooming service!

# 3 Groom – Dog Care with Love

Founded in 2017 in West Hollywood, this grooming salon is known for its compassionate approach, offering haircuts, styling, ear cleaning, and spa treatments with a satisfaction guarantee.

# 4 Pampered Tails

Pampered Tails in Los Angeles specializes in grooming for all pets, offering everything from baths to spa treatments, with a focus on comfort and stress relief.


Even though Poodles are shed-free, they do need regular grooming for skin and coat health.

Remember the goal of poodle grooming is to not let the hair tangle. Thanks to the nature of poodle hair, which is a lot of curly hair, there are various types of haircuts you can try.

In toy poodle style, for example, there are bichon cut, bedlington cut, teddy bear cut, and broccoli cut. In order to try those styles, the hair must be well taken care of, right?

As the hair is frequently combed, it also helps the bonding between you and your dog. It is said that combing helps puppies to relieve tension and stress as they get used to grooming, eventually feeling of being loved.

Poodles have a lot of stamina, while being also very intelligent and loyal, they are good listeners. Keep talking with poodles as you brush and comb. Have a conversation. Poodles will understand your saying.


Healthy Pet, Happy Pawrents 💛


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