Explore the top 10 dog breeds that love to sleep the most. Learn about their sleep habits and how to ensure they get the rest they need.


Top 10 Sleepiest Dog Breeds: A Detailed Guide

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As beloved family members, dogs bring a unique blend of energy and tranquility into our lives. While some breeds are known for their vibrant activity, others are famous for their fondness for sleep. Understanding the sleep habits of these serene breeds can help pet owners ensure their furry friends get the rest they need.

This guide delves into the top 10 dog breeds renowned for their love of sleep, explaining the reasons behind their sleepy nature, typical sleep durations, and special care considerations to optimize their rest.

English Bulldog.png

1. English Bulldog

Bulldogs are known for their low energy levels and need for extensive rest to recharge.

Typical Sleep Duration: 12-14 hours per day

Care Tips: Ensure they have a comfortable sleeping area that supports their stocky build and keeps them cool, especially in warm climates.

French Bulldog.png

2. French Bulldog

Like their English cousins, French Bulldogs enjoy lounging due to their brachycephalic nature, which can affect their breathing and energy.

Typical Sleep Duration: 12-14 hours per day

Care Tips: Provide a quiet, cool sleeping environment and consider an orthopedic bed to support their compact frame.


3. Mastiff

The massive size of Mastiffs contributes to their higher sleep needs, as their bodies require more time to rest and recover.

Typical Sleep Duration: Up to 16 hours per day

Care Tips: Mastiffs need a spacious and comfortable sleeping area with ample cushioning to protect their joints.

Saint Bernard.png

4. Saint Bernard

Their large size and calm disposition make Saint Bernards naturally inclined to sleep more than smaller, more active breeds.

Typical Sleep Duration: 10-12 hours per day

Care Tips: Keep their sleeping area away from heat sources as they can overheat easily; ensure their bedding is washed regularly to prevent odor and maintain cleanliness.

Basset Hound.png

5. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are low-energy dogs by nature, and they require plenty of sleep to compensate for their bursts of activity.

Typical Sleep Duration: 12-14 hours per day

Care Tips: Soft bedding is essential to prevent calluses and to comfort their heavy-boned structure.

Chow Chow.png

6. Chow Chow

Chow Chows are not very active dogs, preferring to observe rather than engage, leading to longer sleep hours.

Typical Sleep Duration: 10-12 hours per day

Care Tips: Provide a quiet corner that allows them to retreat and relax away from household noise.

Great Dane.png

7. Great Dane

The towering Great Dane conserves energy by sleeping more, which supports their rapid growth and large physique.

Typical Sleep Duration: Up to 16 hours a day as puppies, 12-14 hours as adults

Care Tips: Due to their size, ensure they have an adequately sized bed and that their sleep environment is free from drafts and disturbances.


8. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dogs are gentle giants who expend a lot of energy when they are active and compensate by sleeping deeply.

Typical Sleep Duration: 10-12 hours per day

Care Tips: Their bed should be waterproof and easy to clean, given their love for water and the potential for dampness.

Shih Tzu.png

9. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are bred primarily for companionship, enjoying long hours of relaxation close to their owners.

Typical Sleep Duration: 12-14 hours per day

Care Tips: They prefer sleeping in cooler environments, so ensure their sleeping space is well-ventilated and away from heat sources.


10. Pekingese

As a breed with a long history as lapdogs, Pekingese enjoy lounging and sleeping for extended periods.

Typical Sleep Duration: 12-14 hours per day

Care Tips: Regular grooming is crucial as they tend to sleep a lot; keep their sleeping areas clean and free from hair build-up.

Caring for Your Sleeping Dog:

Create a Routine: Consistent sleep and wake times help regulate a dog's body clock.

Comfortable Bedding: Invest in high-quality, supportive bedding to prevent joint problems and enhance sleep quality.

Quiet Environment: A tranquil environment free from frequent disturbances promotes uninterrupted sleep.

Understanding and accommodating the sleep needs of these breeds not only ensures they remain healthy and happy but also helps strengthen the bond between them and their owners.

By providing a nurturing environment tailored to their restful nature, owners can enjoy the quiet companionship of these loving pets.


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