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Top 8 Must-Visit Dog Parks in Los Angeles: A Dog Owner’s Guide

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Best Dog Parks in LA

In Los Angeles County alone there are an estimated 5.3 million dogs(Lopes), so it is quite easy to see why there are so many dog parks to match. When it comes to dog parks, there are definitely better and worse ones, but narrowing down which park can give you and your dog the best experience is challenging.

After extensively researching the dog parks LA has to offer, we have curated this list of the 8 best dog parks in LA as well as some tips on knowing when and when not to visit with your dog.

What makes a good dog park?

Before exploring excellent parks in LA, it is important to first understand the criteria for what makes a good dog park. A good dog park is somewhere that:

🧹 Has a Clean Environment-

Disease and parasites can readily be spread through dog waste and let’s face it, dogs aren’t the cleanest when it comes to things like rolling (or even eating) in poop.

How cleanly a dog park is maintained is an essential factor of what makes a good park. The type of ground available, such as grass, dirt, sand, or astro turf, is another important factor for the cleanliness of a park.

🦮 Segregated By Size of Dog-

Chances are that a small chihuahua is not going to be comfortable playing with many dobermans and huskies. Some large dogs are capable of playing well with small dogs, and vice versa, but this is often not the case.

At a bare minimum it is essential for a park to have seperate sections for both small and large dogs to help ensure safe, fair play for all dogs.

⛲️ Has Good Amenities-

As a base any dog park needs only the ground and a fence, but the types of amenities beyond that can really set dog parks apart. For example, tables not only provide a place to rest or talk together comfortably, but also offer a way to create distance between dogs when needed.

Other amenities like wash stations, dog friendly water fountains, agility courses, toy availability, etc. can all improve the experience for dogs and owners alike.

By considering these 3 defining characteristics of a good dog park, we have curated this list of 8 Top Dog Parks in LA.

#1 Boneyard Dog Park
Boneyard Dog Park.png

Boneyard Dog Park is one of the most popular dog parks in LA and is a great place to socialize with other dogs. It is well located inside Culver City Park, and unlike many other options, the parking is plentiful!

Likewise both the small and large dog sections have wide open spaces with many extra amenities, such as toys, a special timeout area, covered benches, and ample night lighting.

A unique amenity of Boneyard is the timeout area! For dogs who are overly excited and need a break, there is a separate fenced area for them to call down before returning to the fun.

One thing to note is that the ground at Boneyard is all dirt, so after some rain it can get a bit muddy and dirty. For waste disposal there are plenty of trash cans with available pooper scoopers, but if you prefer using poop bags, remember to bring your own!

#2 Silverlake Dog Park
Silverlake Dog Park.png

Silverlakes biggest draw for visitors is its large and spacious play area. There is more than enough space for even larger dogs to run around and play freely! The view of the nearby Silverlake, from which the park is named after, is also an added bonus, but there is no swimming in the lake.

The park has good amenities as well, with an inside water fountain and bowls, plenty of toys and pavilions to get some shade!

Like Boneyard Dog Park, the ground at Silverlake is ALL dirt, so expect your dog to get dirty while visiting the park. The afternoons are the busiest times with lots of visitors, so if you prefer a quieter park experience try to come early in the morning or later at night before the 10pm closing time.

# 3 El Segundo Dog Park
El Segundo Dog Park.png

El Segundo Dog Park is located right next to LAX airport and within close proximity of Manhattan and Playa Del Rey Beaches. Visitors can relax to an ocean breeze while their dogs play in the large space. In El Segundo there are many beautiful, large trees that provide ample shade and a nice landscape.

Compared to other parks El Segundo is not as crowded, especially on the weekdays, so if you prefer less crowded parks, this is the place for you! It does have some parts of grass, but is still mostly dirt, so be prepared for it to be a little dusty on your visit!

# 4 West Hollywood Park Dog Park
West Hollywood Park Dog Park.png

West Hollywood Park stands apart from the other entries on this list because of its excellent cleanliness. The ground is entirely turf here, so unlike many other parks you do not have to worry about your dog getting extra dirty!

The artificial grass lawn is washed once a day to ensure a clean environment. There are also good amenities like benches, water fountains and both paid/free parking available.

The park can be a bit on the smaller side, especially for larger dogs who prefer lots of space. Additionally, it can get crowded ,especially during peak times and the weekend, so make sure to keep a close eye on your dog while visiting.

For someone looking for a dog park with turf, West Hollywood Park Dog Park is one of the best options!

# 5 Runyon Canyon Dog Park
Runyon Canyon Dog Park.png

Runyon Canyon is a bit special for this list because not only is there a fenced in dog park, there are dog friendly hiking trails! The levels of the trails range from an easy paved path to more challenging hiking paths, all that your fluffy companion can freely use!

The top offers an excellent city view with a great sunset and there are also fountains, benches and tables throughout the park. After hiking one of the trails or visiting the dog park, take a quick journey to Hollywood Boulevard which is only a short walk away!

Something to be prepared for is the not-so-great parking options around the park. It can be a challenge to find easy parking, so try to go during off-peak hours for easier access.

# 6 Home Run Dog Park
Home Run Dog Park.png

Home Run Dog Park is an excellent park with a good reputation for the visiting owners to be responsible and attentive. There are plenty of trash cans, available poop bags, and a water fountain. Another highlight is the old growth trees that spread throughout the park, providing ample shade for visitors.

The park has a mix of both grass and dirt, so it is not as dusty as other parks, but it can still get muddy! Also, the benches are a bit limited, so if you want to guarantee a place to sit, it’s a good idea to bring a folding chair!

# 7 Alice's Dog Park
Alice's Dog Park.png

Alice’s Dog Park is a well-maintained, spacious park offering great amenities and even real grass for dogs to run around in! There are many shaded benches, scoopers and poop bags available, and even a large parking lot to take away the hassle of finding good parking.

Overall, Alice’s Dog Park is one of the best options in LA which has excellent amenities, regular visitors, and comfortable space for large and small dogs alike to play.

Be sure to watch out for ants when sitting in the grass or under the many trees! The grass can turn brown at times, especially during low watering periods, so be prepared for it to be a bit dustier when the grass is not green.

# 8 Rosie's Dog Beach
Rosie's Dog Beach.png

Rosie’s Dog Beach is different from all of the other entries on this list, for the simple reason that it is a beach! The beach is 4 acres in size and 2.9 acres is an off-leash dog recreation area, where dogs can run and play freely!

The dog accessible hours are from 6am-8pm everyday (barring special events) and there is nearby metered parking along Bennett Avenue. Public restrooms, trash cans, and poop bag dispensers are some of the other amenities that add to the value of the beach.

For your dog’s first or one of many beach experiences, Rosie’s Dog Beach is an excellent area to visit for a fun day for you and your dog! There isn’t much shade available, so make sure to bring an umbrella or sunscreen on the hotter days.

Ready to Play?

Socialization is such an essential part of a dog’s mental and physical well-being. Now that you know some of the best dog parks in LA, it’s time to get out there and start playing!

We know that there might not be an ideal park for you and your dog, either too far, unfriendly dogs or any other number of issues. So what can you do when you still want to socialize your pup?

Playdates! Finding 1-1 on playdates is an excellent way to get all of the socialization benefits a dog park offers, while being able to have more control.

Trying joining the MMDC(Meet My Dog Challenge) community where you can create detailed profile cards for your dog and match with the ideal playdate in your neighborhood!


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